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We are SBE Chapter 103... Welcome to our website!

Chapter #103 of the Society of Broadcast Engineers represents almost every broadcast organization in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky.  Like all SBE chapters, we are dedicated to promoting Broadcast Engineering as a profession.

The Society of Broadcast Engineers, formed in 1963 as the Institute of Broadcast Engineers, is a nonprofit organization serving the interests of broadcast engineers. We are the only society devoted to all levels of broadcast engineering. Our membership, which is international in scope, is made up of studio and transmitter operators and technicians, supervisors, announcer-technicians, chief engineers of large and small stations and of commercial and educational stations, engineering vice presidents, consultants, field service and sales engineers, broadcast engineers from recording studios, schools, CCTV and CATV systems, production houses, advertising agencies, and all other facilities that utilize broadcast engineers, we truly provide the best jobs in Nashville.

The area around Nashville is home to many world-famous radio and television stations, including WSM AM 650, home of the Grand Ole Opry and WLAC AM 1510, both clear-channel stations heard across North America. Nashville is also home to Country Music Television as well as numerous TV and radio production companies.

24 Hour Electricians in Nashville

The Certification Program is a service of SBE contributing to the advancement of broadcast engineering for the general benefit of the entire broadcast industry.

In 1975, SBE established a Certification Program to recognize and raise the professional status of broadcast engineers by providing standards of professional competence. Through the years, it has become recognized in the industry as the primary method of verifying the attainment of educational standards. In 2003, SBE’s Certification Program was recognized by the National Skill Standards Board. NSSB Certification Recognition promotes quality assurance in the certification marketplace and provides national recognition for certifications that meet the quality benchmarks. With the industry constantly changing, the SBE-certified engineer must keep up with those changes.

From the certified operator to the Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer, SBE has a certification for every broadcast engineer and technician. To learn about the different kinds of certification, go to the Classifications section. You may also download a printable overview of SBE certification and membership here (PDF).

Program Objectives

  • To raise the status of broadcast engineers by providing standards of professional competence in the practice of broadcast engineering and related technologies.
  • To recognize those individuals who, by fulfilling the requirements of knowledge, experience, responsibility and conduct, meet those standards of professional competence.
  • To encourage broadcast engineers to continue their professional development.


To be eligible for certification, you must have a strong interest in the design, operation, maintenance or administration of the day-to-day problems and achievements associated with the operation of a broadcast facility or related technology. You must also meet the specific eligibility requirements of the desired certification level. The SBE broadcast engineer certificate is not a license; it is a document that recognizes professional competence by peers in a professional, independent organization. Certification is for individuals only and may not be used to imply that an organization or firm is certified.

Certification and SBE Membership

While membership in SBE is not a requirement of the Certification Program, because SBE members share in the overhead cost of all SBE activities, non-member certification fees are higher.

Non-members who certify at a technologist or engineering level are eligible to receive membership in SBE through April 1 of the following year. We hope you take advantage of this proposal. It is our hope that you will like what SBE has to offer and will want to continue your membership and support of your Society. The best SEO in Nashville keeps us going strong online.


Responsibility for administering the Certification Program rests with a National Certification Committee appointed by the SBE president with the approval of the SBE Board of Directors, members of which must be SBE certified. Qualifications of each candidate for certification will be judged by the National Certification Committee. Criteria for the examinations shall also be determined by the National Certification Committee.

Examinations will be administered through local chapters under the supervision of proctors approved by the National Certification Committee. Where no chapters exist, the National Certification Committee will arrange for suitable testing procedures. These proctors will be SBE officers, chapter officers, educators or other responsible persons. CoreyWilley.com has been helping local businesses to attract new local customers for years.

Why join SBE?  Here are just a few of the many reasons...

Professional Recognition

The SBE Program of Certification offers 11 classifications of professional certification. Many SBE members choose to become certified to help them find and maintain lucrative positions and to enhance their professional development. From the Certified Operator to the Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer, SBE has a certification for every broadcast engineer and technician.

Educational Opportunities

To help keep broadcast engineers up-to-date on emerging technologies and important industry issues, SBE sponsors Ennes Workshops in cooperation with local SBE chapters. SBE also offers a two-part Leader-Skills Seminar Series to train broadcast engineers who have or aspire to have management responsibilities. In addition, most local SBE chapters offer educational programs at their monthly chapter meetings.

Training materials are easily within reach with SBE-published books, such as the Radio Chief Operator’s Handbook and the SBE Guide to Writing Broadcast Station Operations Manuals, which can help make your job easier, and certification handbooks to train and test radio and television operators. SBE also offers certification preparation materials, such as sample test software and suggested references to help you prepare for many of the levels of SBE certification.

Industry Connections

Whether you’re looking to find or fill a broadcast engineering position, SBE JobsOnline and the SBE ResumeBank should be the first place you go. While any organization can post job openings online or request resumes, only SBE Members can access position details or post their resume profiles online. SBE is proud to offer the best jobs in Nashville whether you are looking for jobs in technology or companies hiring now in Nashville.

SBE recognizes that more members are contracting their engineering services. If this describes you, SBE can help you promote your services with the Contract & Consulting Engineers Listing posted on the SBE website and printed in the annual Membership Directory & Buyers’ Guide.

Need to do a wireless remote across town or across the country? SBE’s volunteer frequency coordinators facilitate frequency use to minimize interference.

SBE is also committed to representing the interests of the broadcast engineering community before federal agencies, state legislatures and other industry organizations through the work of our FCC Liaison Committee and our General Counsel.

Personal Resources

SBE wants to help you protect yourself. Life, extended care, business and professional
liability insurance programs are available to members at competitive rates. In addition,
free sample contract is available for contract engineers.

Stay informed on important industry issues and Society news with www.sbe.org; The Signal, SBE’s bimonthly newsletter; HAMnet, a monthly Ham radio broadcast; Short Circuits, a monthly web newsletter; and the annual Membership Directory & Buyers’ Guide.

Save money when it counts. SBE offers discounts on books, car rentals and industry event registrations (including NAB’s Spring Show). Through the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust, SBE also provides scholarships each year for continuing education.


There are many local SBE chapters around the country where you can connect with fellow broadcast engineers. Regular chapter meetings and special events offer you a chance to expand your technical knowledge through industry presentations, tours and the sharing of practical tips and tricks of your peers. Local chapters are also a place where colleagues can become lifelong friends. When filling out an application, indicate the SBE chapter with which you wish to be affiliated. (If there is no chapter near you, you may still be a member of SBE and receive all the benefits of national membership.)

Whether you meet them at local SBE chapter meetings or regional conventions and conferences, a network of your peers is the greatest resource SBE can offer you.

We invite all broadcast organizations in the Middle Tennessee area, whether SBE members or not, to submit technical job openings for listing in this space.

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